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Hotel Villa MG Santa Marinella SS 1, 82, 00058 Santa Marinella RM

Telephone: +39 0766 510046


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The wonderful sea
of Santa Marinella

The sea of Santa Marinella is the perfect place to go. a work of art sculpted by nature itself, a living painting where colors blend harmoniously to give unique emotions. The waves gently rocked by the breeze dance with elegance, while the sun, like a skilled painter, paints shades of orange and pink on the sky which is reflected in the water.

It is here you can feel the true essence of the sea, its rhythmic breath that infuses an enchanted calm. The rustling of the waves breaking on the sand creates an enveloping melody which makes the soul vibrate and awakens ancient and profound sensations.

The sea of Santa Marinella has the power to heal, to give a feeling of freedom & agrave; and of lightness. Gazing at it is; how to look into infinity, with the awareness that beyond; the horizon hides mysteries and wonders yet to be discovered.